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I'm Robin Harris, the founder and chief analyst of TechnoQWAN. I retired on September 1, 2021, to pursue other passions.

These include:

  • Completing my novel of historical fiction set in antebellum South Carolina.
  • Travel, which so far includes journeys to Hawaii, Spain, Portugal, and, soon, a return to Italy.
  • Hiking, in Sedona, on the Camino de Santiago, and wherever my travels take me. 

Creating and TechnoQWAN LLC gave me a lot of joy. They enabled me to meet many industry movers and shakers, as well as exploring cutting edge technologies and architectures. It's been fun.

But I'm done. I'm leaving the rest of the TechnoQWAN (Quality Without A Name) about page up for whatever interest others might find in it. 


Robin Harris

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TechnoQWAN was founded in 2005 to provide strategic analysis and consulting to firms and individuals in emerging IT markets. Best known for publishing the top-rated blog StorageMojo, TechnoQWAN combines deep domain expertise with innovative communications to help new ideas get noticed.

Helping new ideas break through
Start-ups and new product introductions are high-pressure environments. You have a vision that you’ve invested years in developing. But the rest of the world doesn’t share your vision. Few think they might want or need your product.

Whether you build a direct sales force, go through channels or through the Internet, making your value proposition vivid and compelling to your target audience isn’t easy.

How do you get an “outside” take on your value proposition, messaging and strategy to ensure you a are talking to people and not at them? How do you step back from the daily emergencies and quickly generate the ideas that take your company and work to the next level? Where can you go for help that is real-world grounded, creative, up-to-date and reasonably priced?

Here. I’m Robin Harris, analyst, consultant and editor of I help you win more mind and market share faster than ever before. I solve problems and develop new customer perspectives on old issues. I cut through hype and help you deliver value-added marketing that is straight to the point: finding customers who want to give you their business.

25 years of passion for new technologies
In 25 years in high tech companies ranging from United Technologies to Digital Equipment, Sun, Quantum and Bull, I’ve learned a lot about how big companies operate and what it really takes to get a product sold in volume.

I’ve also been a VP in a startup, and worked with many startups. I’ve been in sales, product marketing, product management, business development and strategic planning. OEM and end-user. I know the issues and how to find solutions.

As a tech blogger, I’ve learned the new Internet media landscape from the inside out. I’ve nurtured my blog from an idea to a top-rated blog without big-company backing. Isn’t that what you are trying to do?

I offer services for vendors - including investors, individuals, and IT Buyers.