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Whether you are a startup or an established company offering a new product, you have a problem: how do you overcome customer inertia and conservatism to motivate them to action?
Traditional high-tech marketing channels are getting disintermediated. Websites like /. and Digg drive tens of thousands of hits in a few hours, while traditional marketing tools such as press and analyst tours, trade shows, sponsored white papers and press releases are losing their effectiveness. People want to discover you – and the best lure is new ideas, memorably presented.

Compelling thought leadership
Thought leadership isn’t easy. You have to generate new thoughts – and the audience has to perceive them as leading. That isn’t easy when your day-to-day work is the detail of bringing a new product to market. What if someone could help you tease out those ideas? And help you future-proof them?

Audience-specific messaging
Each audience – sales, admins, IT managers, CIOs, CFOs, press and analysts – needs to be engaged by information and stories that speaks to each individually. Not only that, you must also consider how those messages get presented by word of mouth.

Competitive analysis
Wouldn’t it be nice to exploit your competitor’s weaknesses – business and product – as your competitor perceives them? Arm your sales and marketing forces with messaging targeted at what your competitor finds hardest to answer.
You won’t find these weaknesses listed the competitor’s homepage of course: someone has to dig through multiple sources looking for what I call “fear points”. Win more competitive engagements with higher margins and faster sales cycles.

Harness new media
The internet allows you to engage directly with prospects – if you invite them in. All kinds of people are out there: harried sysadmins; analytical architects; C-level execs; bored analysts; not to mention your competition. I can help you to use these new media to reach prospects, position your company and win mindshare. Ask me how.